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User Skills

Manage the skills applied to users within your Pathgather instance

UserSkills are the objects used to add a particular skill to a user in Pathgather. The UserSkill object records the relationship between the user and the skill, along with a little bit of extra informatio: the user's self-assessed expertise level with the skill.

Normally, UserSkills are created by users manually via the web interface, but this API allows you to programmatically manage this.

The UserSkill Object

UserSkills belong to Users

A particular UserSkill object won't have any information about it's parent user, since they are always used as a nested resource. See the Users section for endpoints that allow simple management of a particular user's user_skills.




Randomly generated ID assigned upon creation



The parent user's expertise level with the given skill. Must be either "Beginner", "Intermediate", or "Expert"


The particular skill that has been added to the parent user